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28 Jan 2013

How to be a good client


So you’ve got an agency.  You’ve finally found the budget, you’ve made your choice and the agency is all signed up and raring to go. Don’t cross your fingers and hope like hell they don’t waste your investment.  Whether that agency is helping you with HR, PR, SEO or finance, there’s ways to manage them to get the best value.

1.       Allocate resources

Someone must manage the agency to answer questions, approve drafts and supply information.  This takes more time than you think. When I lived in London, my agency had a client, an SEO optimisation company. A junior tech guy was allocated the job of managing us. It was a disaster. We were last on his priority list, he rarely responded to queries and he was slow to approve content.  Opportunities were missed; it made our job so much harder.   Allocate as much time and consideration to the appointment of the person managing the agency as you did in choosing the agency itself.   The person in you select must have the authority to approve content, the time to invest (especially at first) and the enthusiasm for the task.

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1 Jan 2013

Five SEO Resolutions

Don’t lose weight or quit smoking (okay, you should quit smoking).  Use our pre-prepared new year’s SEO resolutions instead.  Happy New Year!

1. I will sort out my images

Don’t title your web images JPEG00001. Whack in a keyword!

2. I will seek inbound links

Beg, borrow or steal.  Just get other sites to link to yours and watch the rankings improve.

3. I will secure guest blogs

Guest blogs are a great way to boost traffic to your site. Just give them good content, not B-grade material just because you’re saving the A-material for your own site.

4. I will refresh my website copy

Add to your blog regularly.   For other more longstanding pages, treat the copy like an employee.   If it’s still working for you and delivering results, keep it! If not, give it the flick and replace it with accurate, compelling and fresh copy.

new years

5. I will add value

Don’t sell sell sell!  Give give give!

Give your customers the benefit of your expertise.  Give them fresh ideas. G-I-V-E!

Don’t fret that you are giving away your ideas for free. The opposite is true: the more you give, the more readers, and subsequently more customers, you will enjoy.  Plus, people will think you’re smart.