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30 Nov 2012

Seven common mistakes with quotations

Quotes are great. Not only do quotes give you an excellent score if you play it on Words with Friends on a triple word square, they also are good for your online content.

Quotes add a bit of oomph.   Especially if you’ve gone to the trouble to source an interesting and clever speaker.

But it’s easy to get quotes wrong.  Here’s the top things to avoid:

1)     Quoting the wrong person
Some organisations have a protocol around quotes.  So only the Lord Mayor or the Chief of Defence or the Managing Director can be quoted in official communications.  That’s often just fine. But sometimes they are not the most relevant person to quote.   You need the designer, the festival directory  or the HR chick—the interesting person.  The person that adds the most credibility and gravitas is the one who should be quoted, not the person listed in the rulebook.

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21 Nov 2012

How to fix bad writing


How to fix bad writing

So you’ve got a draft sitting on your desk.   Your job is to proof it and send it along the chain. Perhaps higher up, or to a client. Or to publish.

But what you’ve got is not great.  It’s just… okay… passable.

How do you make it great?

1)     Turf the lot and start again

As agonising as it may be, it’s often easier than taking the original apart.  This always makes it a bit awkward for telling the poor sod who wrote the first draft (even if that’s you).  But it’s more time saving in the long run.

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