Yes, you read that headline right. I do get up and start my day at 5am.

And I love it.

It all began like this…. (cue harp music, screen goes blurry to show a flashback…)

I was experiencing anxiety in the form of panic attacks. I sought help from a GP and a hypnotherapist.

“Start meditating,” said my GP.

“Start meditating,” said my hypnotherapist.

“Did you start meditating?” asked my GP, on a follow up visit.

No, I did not.

My sister told me to read a book called Happy This Year, by Will Bowen. Good read. I ignored the bit about meditation.

Question: How many experts told me to mediate before I bloody meditated?

Answer: Three. The GP, the hypnotherapist and Will Bowen, aforementioned author and world authority on complaining.

So I started to meditate using Headspace.

I have three cherubs and a busy freelancing career as a website copywriter. So finding time to meditate was difficult. I chose 8pm, after the kids were in bed.

But they were not in bed. Oh yeah, they were in their bedroom. Kickboxing, bellowing, perfecting creepy American accents they’d learned off YouTube. Not the right environment for my attainment of peaceful enlightenment.

So, I’d wait till they nodded off.

By that time, I was almost ready for snooze town myself. Meditating at night was a struggle. You know the end of the story, you saw the headline, right?

Hello 5am

I like self help books, so I looked for something on the joys of getting up early. And, I found Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning. Hal describes the ideal morning routine, where you complete the SAVERS:

  • Silence (meditation)
  • Affirmations
  • Visualisation
  • Exercise
  • Reading
  • Scribing

I like acronyms. And I was sort of doing the miracle morning already because I get up for 6:15 exercise classes (mostly).

Hal makes big promises. Amazing transformations and success in all areas of life: health, wealth, family etc. Who doesn’t want all that?

So here I am, getting up every day at 5am (6am on weekends) to complete the Miracle Morning routine.

My 5am routine

  1. Use fitbit for silent alarm so as to not wake husband
  2. Stumble to bathroom, stare blankly in mirror
  3. Brush teeth, spray face with invigorating essential oils
  4. Take daily medication for blood pressure (one goal is to get off these pills)
  5. Cuddle, then cruelly banish the cat
  6. Review my day from yesterday, write down steps taken on fitbit (goal = 10k per day)
  7. DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT look at mail, facebook, tumblr or instagram. If I do, the whole hour will be gone faster than Pauly Shore’s career
  8. Meditate using the app Headspace
  9. Repeat my daily affirmations, about how awesome I am and so forth
  10. Visualise my abundant awesomeness, as above
  11. Write down my journal for the day. I start with three good things that happened yesterday. Then I write freely about anything on my mind
  12. Plan my day using Google calendar, because calendar based living is the bomb
  13. Exercise. I am currently alternating between a 20 minute jog one day and 20 minutes of yoga the next day.


The only part of the Miracle Morning I don’t do is the R for Reading, but I do that at night.

The results

I have eliminated panic attacks completely: hurrah! My goals are in sharp focus and I feel new clarity on what I want to achieve this year.

The affirmations and visualisations part feel a bit weird. But I don’t worry about it and affirm and visualise as best I can.

I just generally feel better and calmer too.

So, I plan to get up this early for the rest of the year and see where that takes me. World domination would be nice. But I will settle for being Melbourne’s favourite redheaded copywriter. And a fun person to be around.


What do you think? Could you get up early, or are you a night owl? Do you hate me just a little for being such a morning person? Let me know in the comments.