FAQs about website copywriting

Kate MerryweatherWho are you?

Pleased to e-meet you… I’m Kate Merryweather from Melbourne, Australia. I’m a website copywriter with a background in public relations.  I started specialising in website copywriting in 2012 because I like writing, variety and freelancing.  I’ve been working in corporate communications for 17 years.

Are you any good?

Why, yes.  I write fast, saving you money. And I’m nice.

What is website copywriting?

Put simply: writing the words on your website. This might include the words on the home page, about page, product or service descriptions, case studies, frequently asked questions or other bits and bobs.

What about blogging?

Yes! Blogging is important for websites, as it helps build SEO traffic. I love writing blogs.

What is SEO copywriting?

If you want to appear at the top of the search engine results pages, you need SEO copywriting. Good SEO copywriting weaves important keywords into your website in a natural, authentic way, so that search engines like Google can find you.  For example, to find Dot Com Words you might search “Melbourne website copywriter” and Google will find me as I have included these keywords throughout this site.

Do you offer SEO services too?

No, I just do the SEO copywriting – there are many more specialist elements to SEO.

Do you design and build websites?

No, but I can recommend a fabulous and non-pricey person to help you.

What do you charge?

I charge $95 per hour for website copywriting services.  For bigger or long term projects, I can quote for a fixed fee.

What does a typical website cost?

Most website copywriting projects usually cost about $800-1200.  This would include a briefing session, test copy and full website content, plus revisions. Naturally, larger websites with more pages cost extra and smaller websites or copyediting are a few clams less.

Do you charge a deposit?

Yes, I charge a 30 per cent deposit before the project commences. The balance will be charged monthly or at the end of the project.

Do you provide editing and proofreading services?

Yes!  Plenty of clients write their own website copy and use me to fine tune the website content, weaving in keyword search terms and generally polishing it up.

What other content do you write?

Whilst I specialise in website copywriting and blogging, I also write other marketing material, such as newsletters, brochures, sales copy, press releases, feature articles or strategic marketing plans.  (I have a lot of ideas.)

Who is your favourite Spice Girl?

Thanks for asking. It’s Ginger.