Writing and blogging tips from The Bachelor

by Kate Merryweather, Melbourne website copywriter


I do so very much love The Bachelor. As tempted as I am to download all my fangirl crushes on Heather, I’m sticking to the title of this blog post.
So, I hear you ask, what can be learned about writing from The Bachelor?

1) Make a connection
Yes, dear dim-witted-can’t-see-an-amazing-girl-standing-right-in-front-of-him Sam has hit the nail on the head here. You need hit your reader in the feely feels. How can it be done? Use anecdotes and people-driven stories, share your foibles as well as your expertise, and let the reader feel like they really get to know you. Even if you’re writing a blog about business insurance, it’s important for the reader to feel there’s a real person behind the story.

2) Listen to Warwick
“If you don’t push yourself, you don’t know what you’ll be capable of.”
“There are lessons to be learned, but they won’t be obvious.”
“A comfort zone is just a prison of our own making.”
“Until you break free, you don’t know where the boundaries are.”
“So many people just wanna be copies of someone else.”

warwick the bachelor

Yes, Warwick. YES.

Bringing these Warwick life lessons back to blogging and writing, you must push yourself to be more honest, authentic and open. You need to share the lessons you’ve learned, and break out of the usual blogging comfort zone. And his final point is so true in blogging: don’t copy someone else’s blog. Sure, be inspired. But no copying. Warwick said so.

3) Looks matter
Sam sure is a sucker for pretty eyes, especially Lana’s. So make sure your writing and blogs look good visually. Break up chunks of text with subheaders and bullets. Use the best photography you can afford. And sort your design so it looks as beautiful as Snezana in that classy black dress.

4) Take a ‘protective parent’ moment
Lana’s mum, Snezana’s brother and Sarah’s sister (who my husband thinks is v nice) are right. What do you really want? Where is this thing headed? Have you thought about how this will turn out? What about the others involved?

All good questions about writing. Focusing on the bigger picture from time to time will help your everyday writing become better.

5) Read Rosie’s Recaps
She’s a stunning writer. She breaks rules, she’s witty, she’s clever and she loves Heather like anyone with half a brain should. You can find good writing everywhere, soak it in, learn from it and use it to help yourself be a better writer.

Ps. Dear Heather, you are so awesome. You understood the game, were nice to the intruders, and classy as hell when you missed out on that rose. Top chick. Love ya guts.

heather the bachelor

Pps. Lana. You’re okay too.


Hey, don’t go away!

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