Two landing pages: one bad, one good.

This week I was lured in by effective marketing via Facebook. They got me you guys.  There, I discovered two very different landing pages.

Let’s start with the bad.

Bad Landing Page

Myer Christmas Club

All I know is this: it’s some sort of Christmas savings program.

How did I get here? I clicked a link from a Facebook advert. Then I came across this awful landing page.

myer christmas club landing page

This monstrosity fails to tell me anything about:

  1. what the program is about
  2. who it is for
  3. why it is good

N.O.T.H.I.N.G. Sorry for shouting, but I am cross.

Just a Christmas cartoon that looks like stock and an option to sign in or join. Hey Myer: I’m not clicking join because I don’t know a thing about the program. And I feel a bit uppity too. Join means paying money, making commitments and I am nowhere near at that stage yet.

Let’s check out the about page

myer christmas club about


Okay, so here we have a little bit of information but it’s all very perfunctory. This is what we offer. Sign up. Where’s the sell, Myer? Where’s the sizzle with your sausage? Gimme some proof, gimme some images, gimme testimonials, you cotton headed ninny muggins!

cotton headed ninny muggins

Now to a landing page that gets it right

B.O.D by Rachael Finch

I’ve been considering trying a new fitness program, so this caught my eye.

BOD Home page

This makes my soul happy. Oh, the ticks this landing page gets! Ticks for:

  • fun, concise copy that explains exactly what it’s all about
  • cute photo of the gorgeous Rachael with a customer (that could be me!)
  • a link to a video ‘show me how’ in case I am not sure
  • a CTA (call to action) button that addresses potential concerns (my dear sugar puff, it takes two minutes to join and it’s oh-so cheap)

And oh, the scrolling

This landing page knows you’re likely not ready to whip out the lycra just yet. So it gives you so much more:

  • logos of media outlets that have featured the program – hello, proof points

Bod Logos

  • more details about how it works

Bod More Info

  • videos about the core elements: food, body and mind

Bod Core

  • sample recipes with stunning photography (did you know food photo shoots are super expensive?)

Bod Food

  • information about the BOD community, which includes the chance to hang with Rachael herself – you can totally be her BFF

Bod Community

  • a plethora of fabulous testimonials as screenshots of social media comments

bod testimonials

  • another personal message from Rachael, covering the major benefits of the program – I’m loving the handwritten style font

Bod Letter

And did you notice how many buttons on this landing page? I counted. Seven Join Now buttons. Another Seven Free EBook buttons. And for those still on the fence, there’s links to the FAQs and Contact us pages.

To summarise: THAT is a winner of a landing page. 

What do you think? Have you seen any good or bad landing pages lately?