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14 Jul 2017

Kid Word Mangling: Adorable Ways Kids Get Words Wrong

The best thing about having kids is the delightful way they mangle words. Forget cuddles, kisses and tickles.  Adorable toddler speak is the winner for me.*

Word mangling melts my heart and tickles my funny bone. Alice (now seven) called butterflies butt flies. Read more →

8 May 2017

My ten copywriting commandments

These are my ten personal copywriting rules. If you are thinking of hiring me as your copywriter, then reading them would be a good way to spend two minutes. Read more →


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20 Apr 2017

I quit Facebook

Monday 10 April

I’ve done it.

I’ve gone cold turkey.

I was so addicted.

Now, I’ve stopped. Read more →

14 Mar 2017

When the client goes AWOL

I would never have picked it.

The project started so well.  Janet* called me after she found me on Google. We had a great chat about her website copywriting project. It seemed like a fun job. I prepared a proposal. I reckoned I had a good chance of winning the job. Because we just clicked on the phone, and had a jolly chat. Read more →

16 Feb 2017

Hello 5am: why I started getting up early every morning

Yes, you read that headline right. I do get up and start my day at 5am.

And I love it.

It all began like this…. (cue harp music, screen goes blurry to show a flashback…) Read more →

12 Jul 2016

How to proofread your own stuff

Tips for proofreading when you don’t have a proofreader

by Kate Merryweather, Melbourne website copywriter

Back in the early 2000s my boss Chris (hey Chris!) was always ticking me off for spelling mistakes and literals in my draft press releases.

Whenever I was proofreading my own drafts, I skimmed over them, not checking them properly. I knew Chris would fix the mistakes before the client got to see it… so I missed a lot of errors. Sorry about that, Chris. Read more →

12 Feb 2016

Five ways to neglect your blog

You start a blog. You’re happy!

You write, you post, you build an audience. You’ve read every article on ProBlogger.


You lose focus. Your drive wanes. Your blog is neglected. These are the five ways I’ve been guilty of neglecting blogging, and my solutions to help change it. Perhaps they can help you too.

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29 Sep 2015

Why using registered trademark symbols in writing sucks

Registered trademarks are most bothersome

by Kate Merryweather, Melbourne website copywriter

Scrolling through Bloglovin recently, I stopped to read a post from a fashion blogger I admire. What I was reading was clearly a sponsored post, which is fine, a girl’s gotta make a living, amirite?

But this one thing really irritated me as I was reading. Read more →

27 Mar 2015

When clients want bad copywriting

by Kate Merryweather, Melbourne website copywriter

Clients are great! They pay my bills. I love my clients.


Sometimes clients take my copy and make it boring. They take out the colour, the pithy comments, the spark. (No humility from this website copywriter.)

Some clients just want standard, corporate style copy. Read more →

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16 Jul 2013

Kids say the darndest things: how my kids help my writing

My kids often muddle up their words and come out with the best lines.

my little superheroes help my writing

my little superheroes help my writing

They give me great inspiration for finding creative turns of phrase.   As a website copywriter it’s easy to get distracted into finding keyword placement opportunities and forget about readability.   Our friends at Google are rewarding good content, so it’s more important than ever to make sure my writing is fresh, original and, well, good quality.

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