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21 Nov 2012

How to fix bad writing


How to fix bad writing

So you’ve got a draft sitting on your desk.   Your job is to proof it and send it along the chain. Perhaps higher up, or to a client. Or to publish.

But what you’ve got is not great.  It’s just… okay… passable.

How do you make it great?

1)     Turf the lot and start again

As agonising as it may be, it’s often easier than taking the original apart.  This always makes it a bit awkward for telling the poor sod who wrote the first draft (even if that’s you).  But it’s more time saving in the long run.

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31 Aug 2012

Kate Merryweather, website copywriter in Melbourne

Hello there.

I’m Kate Merryweather, a professional website copywriter from Melbourne, Australia.Kate Merryweather

I write sticky, shareable, SEO optimised content for websites.  Blogs too.

I have seventeen years of experience in corporate communications.   I started Dot Com Words in 2012 because I like writing, variety and freelancing.  In my prior life I was Group Director of PPR Melbourne, Australia’s largest and most awarded public relations agency.  My clients included Bunnings Warehouse, Emirates Airline, Officeworks, Telstra, Jayco, The Australian Defence Force, City of Melbourne, Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, Mission Australia, World Vision and many more.

I write top quality content and I write it fast.   I charge reasonable hourly rates and I’m deadline driven and conscientious.  My clients choose me for my quality writing, price clarity and professional approach.

So choose Dot Com Words for your website copywriting project!

If you’d like to work with me, or simply want an obligation free quote, you can reach me on +61 (0) 406 993 464 or


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