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12 Oct 2017

A tale of two landing pages

Two landing pages: one bad, one good.

This week I was lured in by effective marketing via Facebook. They got me you guys.  There, I discovered two very different landing pages.

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12 Feb 2016

Five ways to neglect your blog

You start a blog. You’re happy!

You write, you post, you build an audience. You’ve read every article on ProBlogger.


You lose focus. Your drive wanes. Your blog is neglected. These are the five ways I’ve been guilty of neglecting blogging, and my solutions to help change it. Perhaps they can help you too.

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26 Apr 2013

Three cheap and easy ways SMEs can create content

Content is king!   Creating and circulating valuable content can bring enormous benefits.

But what if your business isn’t newsworthy?  You don’t have a natural news cycle, and you’re struggling to find content.   We all know content has to be valuable, engaging and relevant.  Sometimes, that’s not easy.

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5 Mar 2013

The unfortunate truth

No one cares about your product or services.

There it is.

Just take a moment to digest that.

Okay, a little clarification is needed here.  Perhaps customers care a little bit (and for some brands with super loyal customers, a little bit extra).

But mostly not.

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