Julie Cliff from Space and Time called on me to help write the website for her new professional organising business.

space and time


Julie is a professional organiser, helping people make space and time for their dreams.

Whether you want to declutter, work out your morning routine, find a better time management system or simply sort out your kitchen, Julie can help.

Julie passionately believes that comfortable routines, good habits and harmonious spaces can help you build a better life.

“When your stuff is organised  and you manage your time well you can go for your dreams,” she says.


Julie needed a new website that showcased her experience and services. She was making the career leap from executive assistant to professional organiser, so her site needed to highlight her skills.

Website copywriting

Julie and I had a big chat about professional organising and how it works. I helped her identify her core services, then created a page dedicated to each. From Julie’s brief and through my own research, I realised that some people might be uncertain or nervous about working with a professional organiser. So, I created a page dedicated to working with Julie, which details exactly what it’s like. (Tip: it’s great.)

The feedback

I was thrilled when Julie shared her new website on her Facebook page and the comments from her friends were positive.

  • “clear to understand and follow”
  • “Love it, it’s very you”
  • “Looks awesome and reads well”

space and time comments

Client comment

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kate to put my website copy together. Kate listened intently to understand my services and my way of working. She used her magic to write the text so it is very clear to understand, easy to follow and well organised. I have had a lot of positive feedback from friends and colleagues to say the text sounds just like me, so Kate really hit the brief. Thank you Kate!” Julie Cliff